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Vapor Monitor / Monitoring Badge Instructions

Your vapor monitor / monitoring badge meets OSHA accuracy requirements and can be used to measure personal exposure or room concentrations for a full work shift (TWA). For personal exposure clip the monitoring badge near the breathing zone. For room exposure, place it at about breathing level. To comply with OSHA standards, personal exposure must be less than the OSHA exposure level during an 8 hour work period, or if applicable 15 minute short term exposure limit (STEL). It is important to develop a periodic monitoring program to test each employee who may be exposed. This program should include monitoring over the full work shift when chemical exposure is expected to be the highest.

1. Remove the monitor from the package. Save both pouches.

2. Record start time, monitor number, and employee or area information. Be sure to completely fill out the monitoring record sheet (link dowloads the Word doc).
monitoring badge

3. If monitoring personal exposure, clip monitor to subject's clothing as shown. Do not cover monitor with clothing. Place monitor as close to subject's breathing zone as possible.

4. Expose monitor in the air to be tested. Monitor should stay with subject at all times even if subject leaves area for lunch, etc.

5. Record stop time.

badge clipped to collar
6. Replace monitor in the small plastic pouch as shown, and then in the original pouch. Fold over and seal the top with tape or staple.

7. Place peelable shipping label on the original shipping box and return exposed monitors and Monitoring Record Sheet (link dowloads the Word doc) to lab at the following address for analysis.

EMT, Inc. Laboratory
101 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33432
badge going in pouch for analysis
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