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  • EMT chemical vapor monitors / monitoring badges can be used for either TWA or STEL sampling.
  • Our staff of experienced industrial hygienists is available if you have a problem.
  • Laboratory results can be available within 48 hours by fax or email with prior request.
  • Patented badges are analyzed using OSHA & NIOSH validated methods
  • AIHA accredited laboratory
  • Rated proficient in the NIOSH Proficiency Analysis Testing Program (PAT) for the analytes tested
  • EMT has been providing outstanding monitoring programs since 1979.
  • Badge results have been accepted as valid in U.S. Federal Court
  • Meets OSHA and NIOSH accuracy requirements for compliance testing
Accuracy Better than +25% at the 95% confidence interval
Limits of Detection Lower - Generally better than 1/10 of the PEL Upper - At least 2 times the PEL
Shelf Life Six months at room temperature - guaranteed (refrigeration recommended for Glutaraldehyde badges)

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