EMTEnvironmental Monitoring Technology
Environmental and Safety Services for Healthcare Organizations


EMT, Inc. is dedicated to providing our clients with the following services either through a cost-efficient badge monitoring program or by "on site", in depth environmental surveys focused on meeting your regulatory compliance needs.

Anesthetic Gas Monitoring

Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System Maintenance

Asbestos Sampling Surveys

Badge Monitoring Programs

Benzene Surveys

Biological Contaminant Monitoring

Cadmium Surveys

Collodion Surveys

Ethylene Oxide In-Service Training

Ethylene Oxide Monitoring

Film Processor Testing

Formaldehyde Monitoring

Fume Hood Certification

Gas Line Certification

Glutaraldehyde Monitoring

Incinerator Ash (TLP) Testing

Indoor Air Quality Studies (Sick Building Syndrome)

Isopropyl Alcohol Surveys

Laminar Flow Room Certification

Lead Surveys
Legionella Testing

Magnetic Field Testing

Medical Gas Line Decontamination

Mercury Testing

Methyl Methacrylate Surveys

Microwave Oven Certification

MSDS Management Systems and Services

MSDS Facility Profiles

MSDS Library Management Services

Noise Exposure Studies

Noise Surveys

Nuclear Medicine Air Turnover Studies

Oncology Lead/Cadmium Surveys

Respirator Fit Testing and Certification

Toluene Surveys

Unknown Substance Testing and Identification

Ventilation Studies

Waste Anesthetic Gas In-Service Training

Waste Anesthetic Gas Monitoring

Xylene Monitoring
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