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Ethylene Oxide Monitoring


8-hour TWA 1 ppm - 15 min STEL 5ppm - Action Level 0.5 ppm

JCAHO Follows OSHA Law

EMT'S Ethylene Oxide Monitoring includes the following:
  • 8-hour TWA (Time Weighted Average) testing to establish employee exposure levels to the target contaminant.

  • 15-minute STEL (Short Term Excursion Limit) testing to establish peek exposure levels for effected employees.

  • 8-hour TWA (Time Weighted Average) testing of approximately 5 personnel and/or areas per quarter.

  • Detailed observations of employee work practices with comparison against reasonable standard practices.

  • Written recommendations based on on-site observations to help assure clinic compliance with Federal standards.

  • Assistance in the design and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures to prevent employee exposures.

  • Assistance in the development of emergency response protocols and a written emergency response plan to help handle a spill or equipment malfunction.

  • Comparison of test data with Federal standards.

  • Recommendations and suggestions for correction of any detected problems.

  • Calculation of air conditioning turnover in work rooms where significant.

  • Consultation with designated personnel concerning the results of the survey.

  • Complete documentation including schematics where needed, exceeding the requirements of JCAHO, NIOSH/OSHA, EPA, AHA, etc.

  • All records are maintained for a period of 30 years per NIOSH/OSHA requirements.
NOTE: All samples are taken using OSHA approved solid adsorbent sample media and analyzed at AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association) certified laboratories.
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