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Anesthetic Gas Monitoring


- Recommends that when halogenated agents are used alone, exposure should be limited to 2 ppm based on a 1-hour sample. When halogenated agents are used in combination with nitrous oxide, exposures should be limited to 0.5 ppm for halothane and other volatile anesthetics and 25 ppm for nitrous oxide. When nitrous oxide is used alone, exposures should be limited to 25 ppm.

OSHA Follows NIOSH requirements

JCAHO Requires effective monitoring program - follows NIOSH/OSHA guidelines

EMT's Waste Anesthetic Gas Monitoring Program includes the following services:
  • Determination of baseline levels of waste anesthetic gases in each operating suite prior to surgery.

  • Identification of high pressure leak sources including schematics pinpointing the location of any detected leakage and calculated yearly costs of the leaks.

  • Complete Low pressure testing of anesthesia machines and breathing circuits including all fittings and accessories. Minor repairs are made where possible.

  • Testing of all gas scavenging systems for leaks, proper assembly, and function.

  • Testing of breathing zone levels in all OR's, the recovery room and ancillary areas as required.

  • Testing of vacuum flow rates at all vacuum outlets.

  • Ultrasonic leak testing of all high pressure fittings (Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen, Medical Air, Vacuum systems and Anesthesia components using an Ultrasonic detector specific for high pressure leak ultrasounds.

  • Comparison of test data with Federal requirements including notification and consultation if levels are exceeded.

  • Recommendations and suggestions for the correction of any detected problems.

  • Calculation of air exhaust in all rooms.

  • In-service training for personnel as needed.

  • Consultation with designated personnel concerning the results of the testing.

  • Complete documentation including schematics where needed exceeding the requirements of JCAHO, NIOSH/OSHA, EPA, AHA, ASA, etc.

  • All records are maintained for a period of 20 years per NIOSH/OSHA
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